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pretty asians
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31st Decemberのツイートまとめ

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time to surf
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Oh to be able to nuzzle her panties as i slip my cock over her heels.

shoe masturbation

just love going to my friends house. His Taiwanese wife is so hot and so is his daughter. Im always on the look out for their underwear, oh how id love to sniff and lick them. While masturbating getting the taste of their skin from the crotch, inhaling deep makes me so horny thinking of the smell and taste they would have. Fucked her shoes so hot smelling the leather as I slid my cock into them. I need to go over soon and try to get some of their panties.

Left hand is under my balls gently rubbing cock stiffening quick, remembering the smell of her high heels. Wanting to suck on her toes, The tip of my cock pressing against the sole of the shoe leaving a trail of precum on it.

Onani love

sitting here now, cock out

video mini skirt knee socks panties, straddling the bed frame,

rubbing her pussy moaning like only a japanese girl can..

thumb and forefinger circling the tip of my cock

short easy tugs

kimochii kimochii oh how good it feels

wanting her to see how my cock stiffens

tip glistening as a drop of precum drips out

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